What Computer Printer Characteristics Should Be Considered


A typical computer must have a printer at your fingertips. There are all kinds of computer printer characteristics to examine first. The type of printer used is one of the characteristics to consider. This includes print quality and print speed. Several services, including digitization and fax, may also take place from a printer. Here is a look in these computer printer characteristics.

The type of the printer is one of the characteristics of the computer printer to follow. The dot matrix printer is always used in some places. This is where the pixels are printed to form a single image. However, more advanced technologies are used. For example, the toner-based printer uses static electricity to move the toner into the paper for printing, then the heat is applied to keep it on paper.

The inkjet printer is the most common printer on the market today. This is where small pieces of ink are printed on a piece of paper. Each piece of ink will be attached via a small electric charge.

Laser printers also become popular. These can work with toner in that the printer lights can get the toner to stick on the paper. Printers without INK are currently under development. The dye crystals are used to be heated in the area between the two layers of the paper. This is a development process, however, because printing has been known to quickly erase in test tests.

The first printer characteristics of the computer to consider is that of the quality of printing. The quality that a printer will be able to manipulate will be measured by IPR or points per inch. DPI playback will be based on the ability of the printer to print high quality images. For example, a typical printer on the market will have a DPI reading of 600x600. This means that there will be 600 points per inch on the vertical and horizontal parts of the page. 4800x1200 becomes a norm on some of the highest printers these days, and some will even go as high as 9600x2400 quality.

The speed of the printer is another important computer printer characteristics. The number of pages per minute will be able to print measurements at speed. This speed will be different according to which the black and white pages will be printed or not. Some printers can handle up to thirty black and white pages in a minute and eight colored pages in one minute, for example.

The multiple features of a printer are the latest characteristics of the computer printer to examine. Some printers are able to manage scanning or fax technologies. Some will also be able to copy pages from the printer without connection to anything. The printing of CD and DVD labels is also presented on some of these new printers.

These are the features of the computer printer to think when buying a new printer. The printer type, its quality output and the printer speed are all important. Additional services can be considered as well. By using these considerations, it will be easier to find a printer that suits its specific needs.

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