How Internet or technology did change the standards of studying?


It's been a long time since the internet hasn't been born the only technology that human can use is ancient, ancient camera and others.

As we all know the Internet the most modern way to communicate with people around the world. The internet began operating in the 1960s. In this way one signal can be sent to many users. The old mode way to send letters has been thrown in several people. Most now use emails to send emails to various parts of the country or send them to other countries.

E-mail was developed through Arpanet like the bulletin-board system.
It now has different qualities; Here are some of them;,,, and more. People know that it is a modern way to send their letters to family, friends, loved ones, and other relatives.

In 1991, it was introduced to people from what we call now as the World Wide Web.World Wide Web is part of the Internet which is mostly seen and used and which has made it so popular. It gives birth to a large boom in web use. Web continuous growth in a very extraordinary way. Now there are one billion web pages and other thousands.

And now the internet has become a way of learning me, find and see new things. I feel that I am very fortunate to have the internet to survive. For my project, research assignments and others. But of course I don't forget to learn with books, to research from libraries and others. Because I know that the internet really helps a lot, but I also know that I also have to help me do it tell my studies with my own learning. Because I will bring everything, I have learned until my college until I work until I grow up and need to live my life with my own budget. Which might be called salary.

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